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Monocauche Renders

A one-coat or top coat finish, through coloured, weather resistant and breathable decorative render available in 48 standard colours.

Key benefits

  • A one-coat, breathable, weather resistant and breathable decorating render for masonry and concrete walls. Available in 48 standard colours (special colours to order), the render provides an excellent finish and good surface hardening.
  • Monocauche renders are suitable for machine spraying or hand application and can be finished in a range of styles from smooth sponged or float fine down finish, fine scraped, light tyrolean to heavy roughcast textured finishes.
  • Monocauche renders are suitable for rendering onto a range of masonry substrates.
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Silicone/Acrylic Render

Water-vapour permeable acrylic, silicone finish for interior and exterior decorative walls. Available in over 30,000 colours with excellent hiding power and flexibility.

Key benefits

  • A ready-to-use water-vapour permeable acrylic silicone finish available in three grades of textured finish – coarse, fine and smooth. 
  • Silicone/acrylic thin coat decorative renders form the top coat decorative finish to EWI systems or direct render system and can be used with a wide range of base coats, all finishes can be manually or spray applied. Supplied in white, or available in over 30,000 colour options, BS, RAL or tinted to suit where required.
EWI Services

EWI Systems

EWI involves externally cladding a building with insulation boards, before applying a multicoat render system – generally, basecoat incorporating glass fibre mesh reinforcing and then a final decorative render finish. The overall result is not only a highly insulated, energy efficient home. It’s also one that is visually transformed on the outside.

Key benefits

  • Significantly improved thermal performance.
  • Reduced fuel consumption and therefore less CO2 emissions.
  • Impact resistance of 6N/m.
  • The systems are classified as class 0 or ‘low risk’ as described in the national Building Regulations. They have also attained BS 8414 part 1 (fire performance of external cladding systems).
  • Improved acoustic performance. Transmission of external airborne noise through the external wall is much reduced.
  • No risk of condensation as dew point occurs on the outside of the system.
  • Due to external application, residents are able to stay in their homes with minimal disruption to their lives.
  • Prolongs building life.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Wide range of finishes and colours.

Polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation is an economic lightweight insulation made from Polystyrene, which is commonly used for insulation. Having a closed cell structure enables the insulation to trap air and slows down the transfer of heat towards cooler air.

Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool insulation system generates exceptional performance with a non-combustible insulation that is A1 rated. Mineral wool insulation has excellent acoustic properties reducing the weighted sound index between 5 and 8 db and excellent environmental properties containing no gases with ODP or GWP and also being recyclable.


Phenolic insulation is a fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic core that is faced with glass tissue. Phenolic insulation is an excellent thermal conductivity (between 0.020 & 0.023 W/mK)  and facilitates more thermally efficient facades or a lower overall construction thickness. This insulation system is generally used for low rise properties which are either new build or refurbished.


Woodfibre insulation is a tried and tested insulation material within the UK. It is a highly breathable insulating material, providing an outstanding level of thermal comfort within the home and is therefore perfect for use within an EWI system. Not only does the Pavatex Diffutherm insulation offer superlative insulating properties, but it also has the credential of being an environmentally friendly material.

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