Steel Frame Systems

SFS Infill

SFS Infill is a lightweight structure that is screw fixed onto the primary super-structure to provide secondary support for insulation and external wall finishes


This delivers a weathered envelope at an early stage of the project, helping to reduce the overall build timeline. Full height stud sections are located and screw fixed to the flanges to floor track section, itself fixed to the floor slab with fixings at intervals determined by structural calculations. The deep track slotted head section is similarly fixed to the underside of the upper floor slab in order to accommodate any deflection within the main frame.


A wide range of cill, lintel and jamb configurations enables us to ensure the most economical design for any and every project.

Key benefits

  • Fixes to the primary frame
  • Light but robust design for weight savings and easier construction
  • Provides secondary support for insulation and external wall finishes
  • Weathered envelope achieved earlier in the build
  • Shorter build programme for lower labour requirements

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